STYLE ADVISE OF THE WEEK: Roaming In Your Romper

Fashion has always been an avenue to express yourself. Whether it is showing off your new pieces or rocking your staple styles, there is tremendous flexibly when putting together clothes. This Fashionista has incorporated some year-round pieces with some up and coming spring trends.

Rompers are the perfect transitional pieces for summer and spring outings. This adaptable staple piece can be worn to internships, around the city or day trips to the beach. The material helps to dictate what occasion the piece can be worn, too.

The cotton romper, the feature piece in this look is perfect material for hot weather. The black outlining around the base and neck of the romper help tie in darker shades in the look. This Fashionista went for the grunge look pairing her heather gray romper with a plaid shirt and Frye booties.

The simple jewelry is adaptable for high fashion looks and simple school time style. The beaded bracelet brightens up the look with a boho vibe staying consistent with the rest of her outfit.

The Fashionista’s booties are perfect for the winter cold and the summer sun when paired with a romper. The cowboy grunge look is completed with these edgy boots. Her reflective glasses are all the rage. The mirror lenses are a neutral piece and help to tie the piece together.

What is your STYLE ADVISE OF THE WEEK? “As a fashion enthusiast I am able to spot trends in the industry and apply them to my daily life. My rompers are some of my favorite pieces to wear.”