Finding a perfect outfit in the spring can be majorly challenging. Deciding whether for the “I look awesome I didn’t put any effort into my look (but secretly I picked this out last night) style”, or the “I want it to look like I am going to the gym after this so I can wear leggings and a sweatshirt ensemble.” Springtime offers new opportunities to dig deep into our wardrobes and create memorable looks. Walking to class this week I was looking for a Fashionista/o who incorporated an awesome sweater sneaker combo.

I spotted this Fashionista from miles away with her reflective Ray-Bans and piercing white sneakers. Though her look is simple it highlights some staple springtime trends. Varsity retro takes a new form in this Fashionista’s oversized NASTY GAL sweater that is both figure flattering and a statement. The waffle material adds texture and complements the varsity V-neck style and her dark wash jeans nicely tie it all together.

Springtime sneakers are all the rage. High-top, platform, sliders, lace-up—the list continues. The endless styles allow for options and diversity when picking out your springtime shoes. White sneakers can be scary at times to purchase because of the commitment; you have to clean and maintain their exterior, but boy, it’s worth it. Zara has a tremendous selection of sneakers that take your outfit from gym style to Fifth Avenue.

What is YOUR SYLE ADIVSE OF THE WEEK? “My inspiration for clothing comes from some of my favorite designers. Watching the runway shows and learning their techniques help me to define what my style is.”