STYLE ADVICE: You've Got Male

STYLE ADVICE: You've Got Male

Along with the snow that winter drags along with it, also comes the loss of motivation to actually dress nice. Something about the cold causes the simple act of wearing a nice outfit becomes a struggle. Staying in a warm bed with sweatpants on and a nice binge session of Netflix begins to seem like a better option than making an effort to dress up and go to class. The fact of the matter is, it’s actually not that hard. You can wear a remarkable outfit without it being uncomfortable and turning into your hardest task of the morning.

The way to achieve a stylish outfit in the winter is to use several statement pieces that are in your wardrobe. By wearing at least one item that is currently in style, your outfit goes to a whole new level. Pair that with statement pieces and now you can let your entire campus think that you actually tried to look good.

This Fashionisto used his military jacket as the item that is currently in style. Everywhere you look right now you will see both males and females with military jackets. Without this jacket, the outfit would be too plain. A military jacket could go with several different outfits, making it necessary to have in your closet. Along with the jacket, he added a black graphic T-shirt. This graphic t-shirt provides different colors to the outfit. As for shoes, he wore a simple pair of Vans. What makes his shoes stand out is that underneath, he wrote the name Andy as if he was a character from Toy Story. Just because you are in college does not mean you must grow up. You have to have fun with your outfits and this special touch makes the outfit more unique.

Dressing up during the winter can seem like a difficult and intimidating task. As long as you have statement pieces in your closet, you’ll be fine. Don’t allow the gloomy weather to determine how you look. Turn your Netflix off, look in your closet, and be the Fashionista/ Fashionisto you know you are.