STYLE ADVICE: White on White

My style advice starts with the color white. Some may think it is only for special occasions, but I disagree. White is for every occasion and easily matches anything, and that is what caught my eye over this beautiful and simple white maxi dress.

My next style advice is when you are in doubt, wear a V-neck. V-necks bring out your face more than high-neck shirts. They allow hair to flow more freely, and people seem to notice nicely-done hair when it is flowing effortlessly. V-neck dresses are not always the answer, but when spring comes around, it is a perfect option. This dress is similar to the one in the pictures and is perfect for a beach or shopping day.

My third style advice is to get piercings that are appealing to you. If that means no piercings or if that means 20 piercings, do not be afraid to just go for it! She has her daith pierced with a heart-shaped earring, and I am in love with it. The septum is also a really popular piercing right now, and I would suggest going with a unique pendant like this.

My last style advice is that sandals are for every season, as long as it’s not snowing. My feet can be freezing, but as long as my feet are looking cute in sandals, I am okay. She seems to be the same way since it’s not exactly warm outside quite yet. Cute sandals are so easy to find for great prices nowadays.