STYLE ADVICE: The Urban Explorer

Over the past three years, urban fashion has been finding its way on the runway, on the backs of entertainers, and fashion centerfolds influencing emerging trends. Urban fashion similar to Harajuku fashion in Japan allows anyone following the trend to pull from many different styles to make urban fashion truly come to life. On campus today, I found a student that did just that, with inspirations from western to military wear.

Our girl is rocking the iconic Rolling Stones logo T-shirt from Pac Sun. The Rolling Stones logo is one of my favorite pop culture designs, it comes in many different shapes, sizes and works well in any design. This shirt has an intriguing cosmic design a great example  of how  this timeless logo can  be altured  to fit anyone’s style. The Rolling Stones logo acts as a great base for the vintage camo coat from the clothing warehouse. Style can also be seen in the tasteful slits made in the jeans from Torrid.

Our girl has some great accessories, mixing a Michael Kors braided leather bracelet and beaded black and silver beaded bracelet, setting off the pink glitter nail polish. The pink nail polish also sets off her sunglasses’ pink tint. Our girl’s outfit has a wonderfully muted platter of colors centered around a cosmic rolling stone logo. Adding a twist, she’s wearing a suede wide-brimmed hat with feathers.

A look like this is great is one-of-a-kind and simply great to enjoy the day in while still displaying your style. What this Fashionista has prepared to a T her makeup, which is a coco matte foundation, Too Faced matte nude lip with a midnight L’Oréal finish.