STYLE ADVICE: Transitional Wear

STYLE ADVICE: Transitional Wear

The calendar may officially say it’s spring, but depending on where you live, your weather may be experiencing an identity crisis. One day it’s warm and sunny and you throw your winter coat into the back of your closet…until the next day when it starts snowing and you hesitantly layer on the cold-weather clothing again. What do you wear when transitioning from winter to spring? Right now can be a really confusing time to get dressed in the morning. Somewhere around your first cup of coffee I’m sure you ask yourself what I ask myself, “What’s the weather like? And what do I wear today?” These in-between, highly fluctuating temperatures can make it difficult to dress for work or school each day. But embrace the layers and incorporate some fresh colors, patterns, and fabrics. Then you can easily weather the transition from winter to spring. Here are some tips for transitioning your clothes from winter to spring.

It’s all about layering.  Layering allows you to be comfortable in drastic temperature swings and unpredictable weather. You can just shed a few layers if you’re getting hot, or put them back on when you’re getting cold. The key is sticking to light layers. Imagine a day with a cold morning where the temperature gradually rises throughout the day. A great clothing ensemble is throwing on a T-shirt covered by a fitted sweater, topped off with a denim or leather jacket. That way no matter what the temperature does you’ll be prepared.

Wear brighter colors. For the most part our winter clothes gear towards the darker shades. Nothing wrong with that, but with the arrival of spring, optimism comes back into our lives and it becomes easier to wear brighter colors! One of the best ways to do this is with chalky shades. This means greens, blues, yellows, and other vibrant colors. So, by easily throwing on a colored T-shirt this could brighten up your day and at the same time, make a perfect look for spring.

This Fashionisto wears a pair of navy joggers and a gray turtle neck sweater, with a denim jacket. Perfect for mood swing weather. As for accessories, he’s wearing round Ray-Bans glasses and vibrant yellow Converse sneakers (obsessed). In other words, the shoes do all the talking. A pop of color is what completes this look. These Converse are life and I highly recommend getting a pair of colored sneakers for the spring to throw on with a monochromatic outfit. What inspired this look were street style looks from men’s fashion week in London. Some trends I’ve seen are pops of athleisure (track pants, and track jackets), tailored suits and coats, and outfits with multiple textures.

With these tips, I hope I make your mornings a little more stress-free. Transitioning from winter to spring is never easy, especially with weird changes of weather, so keep these tips in mind while sipping your coffee in the AM and staring at your closet.