STYLE ADVICE: Totally Turtlenecks

February 23rd, 2017 at 1:21pm
STYLE ADVICE: Totally Turtlenecks

Feeling a little chilly? Is a basic long sleeve not keeping you warm? This winter, as the temperature gauge drops, icicles hang from roofs, and a white blanket of snow keeps the ground warm, rocking your favorite turtleneck is the perfect way to be cozy and look chic. Turtlenecks pair easily with anything, from your favorite pair of jeans or leggings, to a short skirt with tights; a turtleneck is easy, simple, and cute.

Winter weather makes it challenging to find warm, comfortable, and chic products all in one! You can always add an extra layer with an oversized cardigan, keep it cozy by adding a furry infinity scarf, or wear fleece-lined leggings, which are both soft and warm. Just because it is cold and additional layers are needed, don’t shy away from pulling out your favorite winter coat, fur-trimmed snow boots, or a wool knit hat. And don’t forget: your winter wardrobe always pairs with rosy cheeks!

This Fashionista is wearing a slate gray turtleneck with burgundy corduroys; keeping the colors simple and solid is an easy way to mix and match your tops and bottoms while also making you look fashionable, warm and classy. She sports rugged brown Frye boots with a harness detail to complement the color scheme and to bring a unique twist to the classic ensemble. Additionally, this Fashionista kept her accessories reserved and soft, wearing pearl earring studs and a short, gold necklace to accent the turtleneck. She also wore a Fossil watch with a gold-trimmed face and brown leather band to complement the boots and her other jewelry.

Turtlenecks work easily with almost all bottoms; whether you are in the mood to spice it up with a short skirt and mesh tights or keep it simple with leggings and riding boots, the turtleneck is a must in your wardrobe this winter.