STYLE ADVICE: These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

The second semester is off and running. I hope all of your classes aren’t too stressful, your professors aren’t too tough and you aren’t consumed by stress!

Here in Ithaca, it is still cold and blustery but it doesn’t mean that we still can’t dress cute! I decided to feature my good friend Meredith for this article. Since the day I met her, I have always admired her style. When I needed someone to feature for February’s article, I immediately asked her and I was very excited when she agreed to do it!

The first thing you notice in this chic, trendy outfit is the furry coat Mer is sporting. These type of coats have definitely been popular this past season and with good reason – it’s like a blanket! You can sport this coat for the days you want some extra comfort while tackling your busy schedule.

She wore a simple black graphic T-shirt under the coat for a more casual look. By tucking in the shirt to her blue, distressed jeans, she adds a bit more shape, giving her more of a waist. I love the slightly jagged detail of the hem by her ankles; it is a small touch that really pulls the whole casual vibe of the jeans together.

The shoes she choose to wear are by far my favorite part of her outfit. They are a pair of booties in a fun snakeskin pattern. By adding the snakeskin element, it makes this look a lot more fun and wild! They have a bit of a heel but they are still perfect for trotting around campus.

Meredith accessorized her outfit with a simple gold choker, another trend of the season. She kept her makeup nice and fresh and let her outfit do the talking!

I hope the rest of your February is filled with fun!