STYLE ADVICE: The Secondhand City

I spent my last few days of spring break in Seattle visiting a friend, and I fell in love with the city. As an avid traveler who would rather spend her last paycheck on an impromptu trip to a new city instead of a new outfit, coming to a new place on the West Coast was inspiring, refreshing, even eye-opening. It’s a completely different atmosphere than both my college town of D.C. and my hometown of Atlanta, and not just because the city is perpetually under rain clouds (which actually isn’t as depressing as it sounds). The overall attitude of Seattle takes a full 180-degree turn from the other two towns, carrying completely different politics and mindsets that make the city unique. The laid back nature was visible in the countless number of local coffee and thrift shops, the grungy music scene, and, most notably, the fashion.

Style is something I immediately notice when traveling to new cities, like how Paris emanates effortlessly cool and New York is all about making a statement. Seattle definitely doesn’t fit in with the top fashion cities of the world, but it does carry an eccentric style that only Seattle natives can truly own up to. This Fashionista truly exemplified Seattle style, where comfort and sustainability come first but don’t necessarily take away from the look—they actually add to it! Knowing 95 percent of your outfit is thrifted is far more than satisfying. Secondhand shops, which are practically on every block in this city, are not only helpful to the environment and your bank account, but they also have some amazing selections that you couldn’t find at typical retail stores. They make the vintage look that everyone has been obsessing over for years attainable without having to overspend at companies who have this aesthetic, like Urban Outfitters. So let the thrifting begin!

To obtain a look that both fit in with Seattle’s fashion scene and also her own personal and playful style, this Fashionista paired a thrifted floral turtleneck under a (once again) thrifted linen slip dress that plays on the slip dress trend in a completely unique manner—no lace or velvet seen here. She completed the outfit with ripped black tights and thrifted Dr. Martens, a mix of grunge and practicality that perfectly resembles the values of Seattle. This is one of the reasons I’m already so in love with this place—its residents seem to all fit in with what they choose to put on their bodies, but their individual looks are so personal that it’s difficult to say they conform to the city’s trends. A fashion juxtaposition, I suppose?