STYLE ADVICE: The Perfect Valentine

STYLE ADVICE: The Perfect Valentine

With Valentine’s Day coming around the corner, I have the perfect look and tips to help you wow that special someone or to impress your single girlfriends. The items I chose for this outfit are based on trends, colors, and a look that will keep you nice and cozy on a cold winter night.

Currently, in the fashIon world, velvet is the material to have and, quite frankly, I absolutely love it! I think it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day dinner attire. Velvet is sexy, soft, and can be rocked with jeans and booties like it is here in this outfit. Also to make the outfit more feminine and inviting, I added a black bralette underneath her shirt. You may notice there’s a lot of black in this outfit. I did this purposely to make the pops of pink more noticeable. This also helps bring the eyes toward the coat and shirt, rather to the other parts of the outfit. When picking a Valentine’s Day outfit, I think it is important to stick with the typical colors of red, purple, and pink in order to match the black jeans and boots, but it also gives you an opportunity to add a fun lipstick options to match your outfit, as well.  Now that you have the outfit all ready to go, you must have the beauty and accessories to match it!

When picking out your makeup and hair, my advice is to match your outfit and maybe make it a little more dramatic than usual for this is a special day! In this look she has a pretty bold lip color to match her outfit. If you don’t love the bold lip, go with a softer one and make your eye makeup more dramatic instead! My other advice is to curl your hair! But when curling your hair, it doesn’t need to take a lot of effort. I like to hold each one of my strands of hair for about 30 seconds or less and if you have thicker hair just hold it for longer. The key to get those perfect curly waves is to take about an inch or so of hair and use a curling wand rather than an iron.

Welp, that was my advice for you. Have fun exploring your closet! I know that all of you will be looking fab this holiday. Single or not, have fun and grab some drinks and dinner and a heart shape chocolate box for when the night begins to wind down.