STYLE ADVICE: The Go-To Pieces

We all have our off days, but that does not mean our style should suffer too. We dream of a look that more or less resembles Queen B., but we struggle to find time in the morning to put together an outfit that makes us look like Sasha Fierce. However, there are many ways to feel flawless in half the time. Looking for your go-to pieces is the *cue DJ Khaled voice* major key.

Take this Fashionista, fashion merchandising major at California State University, Long Beach, as an example, her look was simple yet struck a chord. Nobody would have even guessed she rolled out of bed 10 minutes before.

The classic leather biker jacket goes with everything she owns and never fails to do her any wrong. Her mid-rise black jeans and black ankle boots gave her the structure to elongate her legs, making her appear taller. Let’s not forget about the basic crop top that you can find almost anywhere to show off just a little skin, because why not? It is California and summer temperatures year round are actually a thing. To take this outfit up a notch pair it with your favorite necklace, statement bracelet, or chic scarf.

As a busy Fashionista like this one, it is important to stock up your closet with key pieces that you can easily grab and walk out that door. We have all hit that snooze button or set our alarm to p.m. instead of a.m. and woke up in a panic, right? Trust me, you’re not alone. Owning these classic pieces will give you that extra breath of fresh air and make you ready to run the world.