STYLE ADVICE: The '90s Are Back

STYLE ADVICE: The '90s Are Back

Finally, winter is ending and spring weather is starting to appear. This change is always followed by the question, “What should I wear?” Finding the right mix of outfits between the two drastic seasons can be difficult. This Fashionista did a great job of putting together an outfit that works no matter the weather outside.

When I first spotted this Fashionista, I was immediately drawn to this ’90s inspired look. The piece that first caught my eye was her pastel pink, turtleneck sweater. This sweater is perfect for those colder spring days and pastel colors are also very trendy right now. Along with the sweater, pairing ripped jeans makes this the perfect comfy outfit. Ripped jeans will make sure you don’t get too hot, while still making you look great.

This Fashionista finished off this vintage ensemble with other trendy pieces. Her Adidas Superstar sneakers are the “it” sneaker right now. They work with almost any outfit, and not to mention, they are super comfortable. Adidas used to be super popular in the ’90s  and are making a comeback again in street wear. Along with her Adidas, this Fashionista paired silver hoop earrings and cat eye sunglasses to finish off the look.

This outfit shows how popular trends from previous decades are coming back into style.  Almost all of the trends shown is this look were once popular during the height of ’90s fashion and are popular trends once again. With spring quickly approaching, these trends will definitely be seen around campus, all season long.