STYLE ADVICE: Summertime in the City

It’s officially summertime, Fashionistas! With this new warm weather and sudden freedom from academic responsibilities, it’s time to break out the sundresses and sandals and spend a weekend exploring a new city. For this Fashionista interning in Washington, D.C. for the summer, that’s exactly what she’s doing; and she is certainly dressed the part.

This Fashionista’s chambray sundress is the centerpiece of her outfit. It’s flowy and perfect for keeping her cool while she explores the beautiful sights of the city, and runs errands. She accessorizes it with a lacy white bralette—it keeps the overall vibe of the outfit casual and is extremely comfortable, which is important with the hot weather and all the walking that she’s doing. The crystal necklace adds some flashy detail but it’s not too overbearing. Combined with the layered bracelets, this Fashionista has appropriately accessorized her look. My favorite element of the outfit; however, is her bright red lipstick. This Fashionista’s bold choice ties her whole outfit together in a perfect blend of dressy and casual that basically screams, “it’s summer!”

Those wedges may be great for pictures and short walks, but this Fashionista has a trick up her sleeve for commuting across town. For long walks across town, it helps to keep a trusty pair of flip-flops or other flat sandals in your purse. This will help you avoid the blisters and painful feet that might come with walking long distances in heels, but you’ll still look fabulous upon arriving at your destination. With the elements of this look all combined, this Fashionista is ready for a fantastic summer in America’s capital.