STYLE ADVICE: Styling All Black

We are in that awkward in between stage of the year, where you do not know whether to wear four layers and a coat or a crop top and sunnies. However, there is one golden rule that will make you look chic all year round. All black! Wearing all black does not make you Morticia Addams, if you style it the right way, you will surely look flawless.

Not only is donning an all black ensemble chic, it is effortless to put together. All black requires clean pieces. Make sure all of your black items are not over washed so they appear crisp and dark. I suggest wearing black leggings, a simple black top, and throwing on your favorite jacket. Just because you are wearing all black does not mean you should shy away from color. Try adding pops of color in small ways either with shoes or accessories.

Additionally, if you want to sport all black try adding small pops of color to your makeup. For instance rocking a bold lip will give you an edgy look. I recommend a deep red or brown shade, avoiding a nude will prevent you from looking washed out. For a sweeter statement, stick to delicate accessories like a necklace or statement earrings. For a chill vibe, throw on a pair of your favorite sunnies, and you are good to go. Do not forget to toss a lint roller in your bag to keep your outfit clean and fresh.Now you’re done and ready to go!