STYLE ADVICE: Staying Warm and Stylish

January 31st, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: Staying Warm and Stylish

As the New Year begins and winter break comes to an end, the new semester begins. It’s the time of new beginnings, resolutions, and new opportunities. However, something that did follow us into the new year is the wonderful icy cold weather.

Dressing in the winter can be quite difficult. You want to layer up so you can survive this brisk weather, but as soon as you step into a building, the heat is on and now you end up carrying half the clothes you put on in the morning. The answer to this issue is balance. My advice is to either opt out and wear a heavier sweater and lighter jacket or wear a light shirt and a heavy jacket. This way you don’t have to worry about in-between add-on items like cardigans and scarfs.

As most college students, who not only go to school but work as well, there isn’t much extra time in the mornings to dress nice for class. Instead, dressing casually and more comfortable can help get you to class faster and helps you relax and pay more attention to that assignment you have been putting off.

This Fashionista sets off to class in a comfortable and stylish outfit. Sticking to the previous advice of balance, she chose to wear a heavier navy blue jacket with a fur trim at the hood and paired it with a very light and thin burgundy high-neck shirt. She is also petite, so instead of long trench coats, she opted out for a shorter more fitted jacked and tall boots. Sticking to comfort and warmth, she’s also wearing dark gray leggings. Her small statement pieces of jewelry also add to her look and provide a feminine touch.

Dressing for the winter can be quite stressful, but the key is choosing pieces that keep you warm and looking good. Hopefully this look will give you more ideas and inspiration, like it did for me, to stay warm and stylish during these cold winter months!