STYLE ADVICE: Spring Style Savvy 101

Good news: spring has finally sprung! Bad news: the weather in New England hasn’t quite gotten the message yet. As much as we all want it to be 60 degrees and sunny every day, this simply is not the case. Early spring means we still have to deal with cold, snow, and rain on a sporadic schedule and attempt to dress accordingly. Even on colder days, it’s simply impossible to get yourself to put on another chunky winter sweater, but it is still too soon to start wearing the sundresses and sandals we’ve been missing for months.

So what’s the solution to this season transition crisis? I think this Fashionista might be on to something. Her cold day take on the well-loved sun dress is interesting, functional, and very trendy. The trick is layers, layers, layers! To keep warm, she layers her slip dress over a simple turtleneck, a look I am loving.

She layers more than merely articles of clothing, though. She also layers texture and patterns. Instead of topping off her striped turtleneck with any plain black dress, she chooses a simple satin dress with lace trim. This makes for an eye-catching contrast between pieces without risking the potentially distracting or clashy look of mixing patterns; not to mention that interesting fabrics like satin are super trendy.

Bare legs on a frigid day with a chance of rain means warm boots are a must. Though it is definitely a bit too soon for sandals, there is also no need for winter boots anymore. These low suede boots are the perfect shoes for this outfit, being both weather appropriate and a great addition to the laid back, springy look. The final touch of this look that I love is the simple touch of casual bracelets and rings. This chill, beachy feel is achievable in any season and any weather, but is an especially great way to add a bohemian element to this particular look and show off the warm weather mood this Fashionista is definitely feeling.

As a whole, this outfit comes together quite well, showcasing warm weather vibes, but using layers to make it cold weather comfortable. So next time you’re struggling to piece together an outfit on a chilly spring day, take your inspiration from this Fashionista!