STYLE ADVICE: Spring Style for Dudes

Spring has finally sprung, putting extra pep, or prep, into everyone’s step. My college campus is known for its iconic preppy style, and it’s finally warm enough to wear it! For girls it’s easy: throw on some chinos, Jack Roger sandals, and a cute tank, and you’re all set. It’s a little more complicated for guys so I was impressed when I saw this well dressed Fashionisto master the struggle of spring men’s wear.

This Fashionisto rocks the preppy style with his blue color coordinated patterned button down and shorts. Button downs are typically worn in winter, so he rolls his sleeves to give it a spring update. However, he didn’t take a winter button down and just roll it; his button down is specifically made for spring with it’s pretty blue pattern and light material. His shorts are a deep blue that match perfectly with his button down and are off set by the rich brown leather of his belt, keeping the outfit from being too matching. His shorts were longer than what most guys are wearing these days, and I found it refreshing (nobody wants to see pasty hairy thighs guys). The shorts were definitely not booty shorts, but also not too conservative.

As my marketing professors like to remind me all the time, technology is the future. Technology integrating with garments is not too far off as it has already meshed with accessories. The Fashionisto’s Apple watch is a prime example of technology and a traditional accessory pairing up. The watch added a sleekness to his outfit, and his black chain mesh watch strap paired perfectly with his black loafers.