STYLE ADVICE: Spring Into Fashion

March 23rd, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: Spring Into Fashion

For some of you, I’m back just in time for spring break; for others, I just missed it. No worries, though. Not only did I recently run into a Fashionisto whose outfit will complements both occasions, but his outfit is also the perfect choice for the sudden weather changes that have been frequently occurring.

If you’re on the East Coast, you know that the weather isn’t necessarily always our friend. One day you may seem tempted to throw on a pair of shorts, and the next day you feel the need to bundle up. Unfortunately, the weather for spring break has been no different. When college kids think of spring break, they normally think of warm weather, which means less clothing and more bright colors. I’m here to make sure the weather doesn’t dampen your day—or at least your outfit choice. Let me give you a visual of just exactly what I mean. Take a look at this Fashionisto’s outfit.

You can never go wrong when wearing a plain black T-shirt and some ripped denim H&M jeans. Your outfit choice will be beyond right however, you can throw on a camouflage Bape hoodie over your plain black T-shirt to add warmth and style to the outfit, and then grab a pair of white, black, and gray Jordan sneakers to brighten up your super casual look.

With this look, you can look stylish while traveling on break or traveling to class. This look is unisex and will show that you have sense of style and know how to dress weather appropriately.