STYLE ADVICE: Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again where the infamous “spring cleaning” is done. For my family, this includes cleaning every inch of the house, swapping out the winter decor for the springtime festivities and cleaning out the closets. My family has a big donation bag that we keep year round in our garage so we are constantly donating clothes, shoes, etc. Anything you can’t keep goes in the bag. But the difficulty for me was always deciding whether or not the article of clothing truly is no longer wearable or if there’s still some hope left in it.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, I found this Fashionista. What struck me was her T-shirt, which beholds an image of crop circles and aliens. When I asked her about the shirt, she mentioned how she had been cleaning out her closet when she found this beauty in its depths. This gave me the idea of passing on some advice. This is the perfect time of year to set out a chunk of time in a day to clean out those closets and find those hidden gems of clothing long forgotten. Unless you honestly think that you will never wear it again, recycle and restyle it!

This Fashionista chose to pair this vintage T-shirt with a pair of blue denim shorts to embrace the spring’s warmer weather. She tied a small knot in the shirt to give it a bit more flair. She also completed the look with a black varsity bomber jacket for just a bit of warmth and some black low-top Converse. I absolutely loved the bomber jacket as it was lined on the inside with a beautiful floral pattern, giving the jacket that extra bit of spice.

This look was casual and relaxed but perfect for that entering into spring look. The vintage T-shirt gave the outfit an awesome touch. So clean out those closets now because you never know what you might find deep inside to revamp your closet without breaking the bank this “spring cleaning” season!