STYLE ADVICE: Spring Break Boho

March 21st, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: Spring Break Boho

It’s finally here—the week we’ve all been waiting for since spring semester started. Two words, 11 letters, and unlimited fun: spring break!

We all go on different adventures during our time off from school. Some of us travel abroad, and some of us take road trips to different states. Some of us board tropical cruises to spend a week in the sun, and some of us skip a big vacation to go home and spend time with our families. No matter what we choose to do with our one week of freedom during the semester, we want to make sure we look good doing it!

One of my favorite fashion trends for the springtime is the boho look. Its light and airy feel is perfect for warmer weather and sunny days. Cutoff shorts, loose-fitting tops, and sandals dominate this trend, creating a super relaxed and comfortable feel for any occasion during the spring and going into the summer.

This Fashionista keeps her look fresh and fun with her oversize white button-down tunic. By pairing it with her light wash cutoff denim shorts, she appears effortlessly cute and comfortable while also looking super trendy. Her gladiator sandals are covered in a creamy snakeskin pattern and give her basic outfit a bit more detail. Her round crossbody bag is the perfect touch to her minimalist bohemian look. It fits perfectly with the monochromatic color scheme, and the quirky shape of the purse adds some dimension to her overall outfit. She keeps it simple with dainty gold jewelry, specifically some rings and a necklace, and her aviator sunglasses complete her laid-back look.

No matter where you venture off to during your spring break, try to incorporate some bohemian pieces into your wardrobe for an effortless, stylish, and comfortable look!