STYLE ADVICE: Speechless Statements

STYLE ADVICE: Speechless Statements

It’s always important feeling your best and most confident. But, being a 20-something college student, many of us have a hard time finding ourselves. We are constantly working on finding our voice, who we are, and want to be in life—all while still having to make tough decisions, like choosing a college, major, job, and group of friends. With these choices, it can be hard to feel like you stand out from the crowd.

After seeing this Fashionista, she exemplified a super easy and fashionable way to not only look super cool and on trend but to stand out and shine like the star she is!

This fringe suede jacket is not only to die for but also makes a bold statement. Typically, when thinking of statement pieces in your wardrobe, many may only think of elaborate pieces of jewelry. But, trying something completely different, like a jacket, pair of pants, or even some other kind of accessory, can help you to show off your personality.

The beauty of it is that your statement piece can be as bold as you want it. If you’re comfortable with maybe just experimenting with a pop of color, or if you’re as extra as I am, you could throw on a fur scarf or maybe even a pair of super sexy lace up pants. The most important thing is that you feel as amazing as you look.

This Fashionista’s black leggings, black heeled booties, and suede fringe jacket are paired with a baby pink band T-shirt. With this, she manages to not only keep warm in the windy city of Chicago, but also balances the bold and edgy elements with the soft pink Guns and Roses shirt, still looking beautiful, feminine, and bold all at the same time.