STYLE ADVICE: Sometimes Basic is Better

I know everyone has gone through the struggle of standing in front of your closet and thinking about how you have nothing to wear. In those moments finding an outfit seems like an impossible task. We have all gone through it, and it can be stressful! Sometimes choosing that basic black top you’ve always owned and your favorite pair of jeans can make you stand out though. It’s not always a bad thing to be basic. This Fashionista has pulled off the simple, yet stunning look perfectly. She is sure to have all eyes on her in this convenient, go-to ensemble.

I absolutely love how this Fashionista works the combo! The sheer, black top is plain, yet fashionable. She paired the top with a lace bralette as a nice compliment to the see through material of the shirt. To spice up the outfit, she added not one, but two necklaces. She is wearing her favorite, Lucky Brand Jeans, rolled up a little to accent her black booties. I love how the blue of the jeans stands out against the black top and black shoes. The contrast is one of the things that makes this outfit work so well. The whole look goes together perfectly! It could be worn for pretty much any time of day and for any activity.  This Fashionista was heading out to brunch on a Saturday, but could easily keep this outfit on and spend the night out with friends.

So my advice to you, fellow Fashionistas/os, is to embrace being basic! Sometimes going for the easy outfit can benefit you big time.