STYLE ADVICE: Simple Yet Elegant

STYLE ADVICE: Simple Yet Elegant

This Fashionista has been a dear friend of mine for quite some years. We played together on the playground in grade school and shared a locker all throughout high school. Although we separated ways when we went off to college last year, we always find time to meet up at home during breaks. As she resides in Grand Rapids, and I near Chicago, I love being able to see how her West Michigan influenced style compares to that of Chicagoan city folk.

I have always admired her prevailing unique, yet classy, style. She is able to pair together items that make for an incredibly versatile ensemble. In this outfit, she demonstrates this perfectly. Donning a maroon sweater from American Eagle Outfitters, she pairs it perfectly with a brown suede skirt from JCPenney. Along with gray tights and lace-up wedges, she ties her ensemble together with a simple black choker from a local boutique in our hometown.

I asked this Fashionista what she liked about her outfit and how it fit her style. She replied saying, “I like that this outfit is simple yet elegant. It is classic, but the choker keeps it trendy. I love these colors. It is versatile, so I would wear it to work, to church, for a class presentation, or for a date night.”

You can find this Fashionista shopping at places like Anthropologie, The J. Peterman Company, Target, Kohl’s, American Eagle Outfitters, and Francesca’s.

Michiganders, be sure to be on the watch for this simple yet elegant beauty.