You Won't Sacrifice Style or Comfort with These Oversized Sweater Outfits

November 26th, 2018 at 6:09pm

We’re officially in the middle of sweater-weather. To help you gear up for those frigid nights we’re here to help with finding the best outfits—without having to choose warmth over style, of course. Are you getting ready to head out on a first date? Do you just need an outfit for class? You’re in the right place. Put your worries to rest and we’ll show you how to style a few oversized pieces that you probably already own! Here are a few of our community members’ go-tos for the fall and winter season.

Cozy up in a ’90s-Inspired Sweatsuit

Who said a sweatsuit couldn’t be stylish? Not only can you reach the ultimate level of comfort, but you can look good while doing it too. And, just because winter is approaching doesn’t mean you have to completely cut out all color. Bright pinks and greens or pastel colors are suitable for any season! Pair this sweatsuit with a bomber or a leather jacket and your favorite set of tinted glasses, and you’ve got yourself a look.

Elevate Your Look with an Oversized Sweater Dress

Dress or oversized sweater? Either way this look is a hit. If you’ve been wondering how to dress up your old, extra large sweater, this is the perfect way to do it. Grab your coziest oversized sweater and throw on some thigh high boots to achieve this look that Ariana Grande would approve of.

Tuck an Oversized Sweater into Denim

Let’s take a step away from the bright, pastel colors and transition into neutral tones. Tucking in a turtleneck sweater such as this one into a pair of high-waisted jeans is an example a perfect fall look. With this versatile outfit, you can go on a date or even relax with friends. A slight tuck is a good way to comfortably compliment your shape while still remaining warm!

Layer up with Jackets and Oversized Sweatshirts

This sweatshirt, bomber, and frayed-hem denim trio is undefeated. Add a pair of fresh white sneakers to polish off this street style-inspired look. It’s the perfect combination for a relaxing day in your dorm out for a day of running errands. Either way, you’re bound to get a good picture for Insta out of it.

Slip on an Oversized Slouchy Sweater

No matter how cute bodysuits and other form-fitting pieces are, we all know that looser clothes tend to be cozier. The dark-colored sweater plus the dark-tinted glasses make for an edgy look that’s perfect for exploring the city with friends.

Warm up Your Look with Fall Tones

During this time of year, there’s always a few warm(er) days that peak in before winter goes full throttle. Therefore, rust paired with any neutral color is always a smart choice. For all our community members who enjoy dressing their best (while keeping the cold out), this is certainly an outfit worth trying.

Mix It up with Embellished Oversized Sweaters

If you look closely, there are tassels and embroidery on this lovely, cream-colored sweater. This look is the perfect balance between sweet, cozy and streetwear. If it’s too cold for ripped denim, try high-waisted corduroy trousers or flared raw hem jeans.


What are your go-to oversized sweater outfits for the cold weather? Share your pics and tag us @cfashionista.

Opening image by Tumelo.