STYLE ADVICE: Risky with Black and Brown

Years ago, it was a fashion “don’t” to mix black and brown items together. This was seen as the equivalent to wearing white after Labor Day. However, I am telling you that this silly rule is passé. These two colors can actually coordinate well with one another, but it is important to maintain an even ratio between the two.

An outfit like this is perfect when mixing two beautiful, neutral colors. To start off, the solid scoop neck sweater can look great with anything. A style like this provides the warmth for winter, but a feature of summer that allows you to put almost any personal flare to your outfit. In addition, a perfect transitional piece for this outfit is the handbag. Not only does it prove that these colors can be worn together, it produces a focal point for the look that is not too bold nor too subtle.

Last, but definitely not least, the jewelry adds a splash of color in just the right places. The brown banded watch and bangles offset the handbag and shoes perfectly, as they are placed on the opposite wrist. This is extremely important because it completes the overall harmony of the look. It helps to imagine a circle around your outfit. When one accent point is placed, you want to add items that will help balance the circle. In this instance, it provides a consistency for the black and brown items.

Considering it is the 21st century, never be afraid to experiment with new looks and just be risky.