STYLE ADVICE: Ripped Apart

STYLE ADVICE: Ripped Apart

My mom always told me that women should not have holes in their jeans, and whenever mine would have the smallest tear, they would automatically be thrown out. But mom, ripped jeans are the style these days!

Even in the cold winters of Ohio, women can be seen braving the frigid temperatures and wearing their favorite pair of ripped jeans. They are so easy to dress up or down and can make an outfit go from plain to edgy. Distressed jeans are so unique—one pair is never exactly the same as another. Hopefully they never go out of style.

I found this Fashionista walking around campus in her favorite pair of ripped jeans and a green long sleeve shirt on her way to class. It was not a particularly cold day in Columbus, so she put on an infinity scarf to keep herself warm.

This Fashionista also paired a pair of boots with her outfit, which I thought were really cute. She uses her purse for both school and everyday use. Having accessories that are versatile are a necessity for every Fashionista; you cannot forget her silver bracelets that pull the entire look together.

A way to transform this Fashionista’s outfit from spending all day in class to an outfit for a night on the town with her best girlfriends is removing the infinity scarf and adding a long layered necklace and a dramatic dark red lipstick.

I hope ripped jeans never go out of style, they are so easy and simple, yet unique. Ripped denim is very cute and you can own your campus runway no matter what the weather is like outside.