STYLE ADVICE: Revamping and Personalizing

Spring is about renewal and new beginnings. So, why not give your closet new life with some personalization? I spotted this Fashionista wearing a different but very fun bodysuit filled with adorable patches ranging from planets to rubber duckies. To complement the bodysuit, she paired the piece with super distressed jeans, a cozy red flannel, and on-trend white Sk8-Hi Vans.

As a Style Guru, I highly recommend purchasing a cool bodysuit or making your very own  for the spring season! Add your own personal spin to a piece by purchasing some cute, inexpensive pins and patches from a local craft store. After the purchase, it is just a quick arranging of patches onto the bodysuit and, depending on the patch, either a pump of hot glue or a quick iron over. Then, you have your very own unique look! Once you’ve mastered the few easy steps there are to patching clothing, you can then personalize your whole closet. Patched and/or embroidered denim jackets and mesh tops are very popular currently. Instead of going to the mall and buying one that others might have purchased, why not make it your own piece? It is sure to create a one-of-a-kind look.

This Fashionista is also rocking some very cute distressed jeans, which is an easy DIY. Personally, I go thrifting for denim at Goodwill or search my closet for old, faded jeans that I could give new purpose to. Once you pick out the right pair of denim to distress, I recommend putting on the pants and marking up spots to cut up. By doing this, you’re able to visualize where the best spots are to cut up and rip. After you mark up your denim, cut into them and pull the fabric! You can go crazy with it since there are no mistakes in distressing denim. You can either distress them a lot, like this Fashionista’s jeans, or just cut a hole here and there. At the end, you’ll be rocking a freshly revamped pair of jeans this season.

So, hopefully you take the spring influence and bring new life to old pieces. Happy DIY-ing!