STYLE ADVICE: Red Herring or Clueless?

STYLE ADVICE: Red Herring or Clueless?

Whenever I see plaid of any kind, I automatically get a Clueless vibe (plus, a hint of Rachel Green from that episode of Friends). So when I saw this Fashionista walking on the other side of the street with her red plaid skirt, I had to photograph her.

Georgia is going through a weird, sudden spring season, so it could be sunny, bright, and warm one day, then rainy, dark, and chilly the next. Unfortunately this day was the latter, but her vibes were still very much bright compared to the mood of that day.

Her jean jacket showcases one of the most basic and classic pieces that everyone should own. It ties a whole look together with a well structured denim jacket. Pop it over a dress, a pair of jeans for a classic Canadian tuxedo, or like this Fashionista, who wore it over a skirt. This piece is definitely a versatile piece that’ll be a lifesaver to just casually put on when rushing out the door.

Another piece that this Fashionista was wearing that caught my eye was her bright red backpack, which screams vintage and matches perfectly to her red plaid skirt. This backpack is not only a showstopper, but it’s also practical. Sometimes I wonder how other Fashionistas/os can bring a small bag to university and still fit in everything they need. Me? I’m a complete bag lady; I literally carry a chock full backpack with all my notebooks (five and counting) as well as a tote bag filled with snacks, of course.

Other honorable mentions of her outfit were the even brighter pop of color in her headsets that complemented her bleach blonde hair. Her eyeglasses were also very trendy with the huge lens and combination of a square and circle shape. I love a nice pair of glasses, regardless if it actually has a legitimate purpose.

Lastly, the details of her stocking are lovely. Now, I’m not sure if it was accidental or on purpose, probably the former, but I love it! It brings a punk feel to the outfit that is super easy to create: just get a cheap black pair of stockings, wait till something snags, and ta-da, you’ve got your own DIY ripped stockings!

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