STYLE ADVICE: Portland Cool

April 7th, 2017 at 2:00am

Portland, Oregon is known as the city of endless rain and beloved weird culture. But, with weird culture comes unique and exciting fashion. Portlandians are hipsters ahead of the fashion curve. They are people who are constantly pushing casual to new extremes.  The mild but rainy weather offers great opportunities to show off new looks all year long.

This Portland Fashionista combines athleisure with chic basics. Sporting all black, she is classic and comfortable. It is a perfect outfit for running errands around the city, getting a coffee with the girls, or a much needed shopping trip. On top, she is wearing an oversize hoodie under her fuzzy jacket. The jacket dresses up the athleisure hoodie while still keeping it casual. On the bottom, she chose black jeans with holes in the knees. Instead of wearing the common trendy Adidas, this Fashionista decided to wear high-top Vans.  These Vans have been becoming more and more popular because of their versatile look and comfortable fit. Pulling the look all together, this Fashionista threw on her leather backpack to carry her essentials and rounded black Ray-Bans. Even in rainy Portland, having sunglasses is a must because you never know when the sun might peak through the clouds!

This Fashionista’s outfit is meant for any city girl looking for a trendy new look. You can never go wrong wearing all black. It makes the outfit appear put together, coordinated, and classic. Especially when incorporating athleisure into your look, black puts a chic spin on the outfit. Next time you need a cool look to add to your wardrobe, use this rad Fashionista as your inspiration!