STYLE ADVICE: Playful Pastels

February 28th, 2017 at 2:00am

Cold weather calls for pastels! Lately, we’ve seen celebrities rocking more color coordinated fits from the softer, pastel pallet. It’s indeed a new trend in fashion. The best ways to rock a pastel look is to either go full fledged into one specific color or color block with other soft tones. Don’t be scared to add a bolder, more saturated color into your look! They key, however, is to keep the color scheme consistent when doing so. Pea coats are great for rocking pastels because it adds chicness. Also, incorporating denim into your outfit makes your look casual, yet edgy and fashion forward at the same time. The new leather/plastic pastel heel movement is a great accessory for this look. Denim, velvet, suede, and velour material shoes are just as encouraged.

It’s best to incorporate simple jewelry, such as small stud earrings, a classic watch, necklaces with thin chains, etc. Your makeup should also be simple. Try a nice clear or even slightly tinted lip gloss or matte pastel lipstick. This is not a look for “messy makeup,” so make sure everything is clean and cut. That means sharp eye liner, a clean cut crease eye shadow, perfectly lined lips, etc. No matter what, make it your own and be as creative as possible.

The best pastel colors to work with include: blue, pink, purple and green. Have fun with them! Combine all four colors or just one from head-to-toe. Be playful with your pastels and make a statement look that is simple and subtle.