STYLE ADVICE: Plain And Simple

STYLE ADVICE: Plain And Simple

With the start of winter in Michigan, comes a confusing range of moody temperatures. Some days sunny skies can mean freezing, on others, you’re battling a chaotic snowstorm. Layering up can combat any unexpected temps during the day, keeping you warm outside and cool in the classroom.  

One of the first pieces in this outfit is the light silver down coat. Most of these have been coming with a small bag to put them in and they unwrinkle a short time after being pulled out. When you’re unsure of how cold it actually is outside, this can be pretty nifty. A tan long sleeve button-up can add a pop of warmth against the silver coat. During the winter, search for something a bit thicker than a light dress shirt; it can be buttoned up or stay open over the white textured top. 

Partnering the layers is a pair of black tapered stretch pants. These are the furthest thing from stiff, and can come in handy when you’re running late to your 8:00 a.m.—literally.

This Fashionisto topped off his outfit with a pair of suede desert boots. Not to be mistaken as a piece stuck in the summer, these babies with wool socks can still keep your toes toasty while adding a classy flare to your feet.

With the chilly weather this season, you can never go wrong with more. So don’t be afraid to pile on those layers and play with some neutral colors. Some of the best winter outfits are just plain and simple.