STYLE ADVICE: Petite Problems

STYLE ADVICE: Petite Problems

Whether you are genetically blessed to play basketball or be a gymnast, height determines a lot in life. But it shouldn’t determine your style. College is all about embracing yourself and loving your body, but sometimes you want to look taller in situations. Especially, when all your friends are 5’7” and wear heels. It seems like height is something what we want, but can’t have. Those on the petite side may want a few inches and those on the taller side may want less. Here are some ways this Fashionista looks taller with the clothes she has in her closet

Wear heels: This may seem like the obvious answer, but giving yourself a few extra inches can make for a very slimming look, and quite literally add height. Heels aren’t practical for everyday wear around campus, so go with a pointed toe shoe to lengthen that leg. This Fashionista chose a chunky-heeled black bootie. It’s not too high and it’s not too short; it can be dressed up or down and basically the perfect compromise.

#All(insert color here)everything: Sticking to a monochromatic color scheme is one of the most effect tricks to looking long and lean. This creates the illusion of a vertical line and a seamless silhouette. Head-to-toe black is always a chic option and it has a slimming effect, which never hurts either. This Fashionista has dark hair- which can put off a grunge vibe when wearing all black, so to brighten up her look she added a beige V-neck bodysuit.

High-waisted bottoms are your friend. High-waisted jeans are one of my favorite trends that came back in style because they accentuate your waist and your curves in all the right places. By wearing a pair of high-waisted jeans, you make the lower half of your body look longer, making you look taller in return. To pull off this look: add a fitted shirt you can tuck in, a crop top or a body suit that shows your waist off!

Say yes to V-necks: Trick people into drawing attention up toward your face by wearing dresses and T-shirts with a deep V-neck. This makes your torso look longer, so keep that in mind when shopping!

This Fashionista doesn’t let the hurdle of being 5’1” stop her from keeping up with the latest trends around campus!