Vintage fashion is very popular. This style has become very valued and expensive due to its unique and worn-in look. Vintage clothes always have stories behind them, not to mention they are unique so you will most likely never run into someone wearing the same exact thing. That is why this Fashionista loves her outfit so much.

Defying the harsh winter of New York, this Fashionista shows her fun and personal style even during the cold weather. She chooses a vintage form-fitting white dress with an interesting texture, as well as button closure on the back of the dress. Another thing that all vintage lovers would agree on is the obsession with vintage hats. Sometimes I wish wearing hats was still as common as it used to be because this Fashionista’s red hat is both elegant and adorable. It has a sophisticated bow, which has been around since the Victorian Era and came back into style during the ’40s.

Since the hat is the center of attention, this Fashionista paired her look with a pair of lace tights in the same shade of red, as well as red velvet shoes with matching bows on them. This look is comfortable and stylish. This Fashionista decided to also add some jewelry into this look. She made a ear cuff that has little tea cups hanging off them. The cute miniature tea cups and the bows adds a youthful feel to the otherwise formal outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Stay youthful by adding bold colors and feminine jewelry to your outfit.”