October 20th, 2015 at 2:10am

Okay, I’ll admit it, there’s a teeny, tiny chance that I might be a music snob. I refuse to listen to any music genre that starts with the words “electronic” and I can spend hours meticulously crafting a mix tape. You can call me a hipster, but I will still let you know that, “I listened to them before they were big.” The only thing I love more than “educating” my friends about good music is a neat band T-shirt. Oh, that and a good pair of sneakers. Obviously, this Fashionisto checked all those boxes.

What makes band T-shirts so great is first and foremost, they’re comfortable. The other plus is that it gives you a chance to let your personality really shine. Music is the great equalizer. You may think wearing leggings as pants is okay or that Crocs can be stylish, and even though those are two of my biggest fashion faux pas, if you pair it with a Yung Lean T-shirt, there’s a very good chance I will immediately want to be your friend. Paired with dark gray chinos, this outfit looks clean and simple.

Sneakers are making a comeback and whether that’s due to the Normcore and athleisure trends or simply a fact of life as we get older is debatable. What I love about these sneakers in particular is the attention to little details: the pattern on the shoelaces and the speckle detail on the soles. Fashion is all about the little details, and ironically, it takes a lot of effort to achieve style that looks effortless.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It doesn’t matter as long as you do your own style.”