As the weather gets colder, it becomes easier than ever to slip into monochrome madness. All-black looks are easier to throw together than ever on cold wintery days. However, just adding a simple pattern can spice your look up and add a nice contrast.

Windowpane is a classic pattern and one that always looks put together and professional. This trend also always feels very retro to me and reminiscent of the art deco style of the ’20s. Something about it reminds me of old diners and Gatsby-esque parties. It’s a pattern that also feels incredibly modern because new cuts and style develop for the present age. It’s a pattern that is incredibly versatile and works both for a weekend brunch and a Monday morning meeting.

This Fashionista chose to go for a clean minimalist look. She keeps it business casual with a collared windowpane shirt. While pattern play can be fun, this Fashionista chose to keep the outfit clean and simple. She went for a more classic look that works perfectly with the retro nature of windowpane pattern. By letting the rest of her outfit be black, her shirt is able to stand out even more. Her loose pants match the casual looseness of her shirt, while her ankle boots give her an extra bit of height to make her legs look even longer. A black peacoat ties the look together for a business casual appearance that is perfectly polished.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice is to be comfortable in whatever you decide to wear.”