STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Worth the Longline

It’s undeniable that while the seasons shift, our wardrobe must too. Accommodating to the unforeseeable temperatures in the Windy City, it’s no wonder why longline blazers are a Fashionista’s favorite. So on-point in the city and on campus, this cozy yet polished trend is the perfect balance of chic and comfort. Whether grabbing coffee in Wicker Park or reading a book on the quad, you can really never go wrong by throwing on a longline blazer to spice up your look.

Just a few years back when a good fitting blazer was all the rage, the seedling to this current trend was born. As the styles evolved, and the boyfriend/oversized blazer seemed like the end all be all to complete a chic look, our minds were changed once again. As we all know, fashion never sleeps, so here we are adopting the longline blazer as our current fashion staple.

So what’s the draw to these lengthy jackets? Aside from the aesthetic appeal, these blazers are made in a variety of fabrics like durable polyester or soft cotton. It’s the comfort and versatility of the piece that attracts so many Fashionistas to the look. It radiates the classy, grownup vibe as the shorter hemmed blazers do, but the fabrics and fit allow its wearers more ease of movement. In addition to a relaxed feel, depending on the quality of fabric, the longline blazer adds a bit of warmth in the chilly spring time air. This not only makes it a killer piece for now, but for the fall, too!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When putting together an outfit that includes my longline blazer, I’m super experimental. Basically, I try on several different looks to see what works best together.”