January 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

Although this brisk weather may make the majority say “Boo-Hoo,” I say this season calls us to go boho! One may assume that the carefree, hippie-chic vibe that accompanies the boho style should be reserved for the warmer months. This is totally not the case! We just have to get creative and rock that flower child ensemble while still keeping it winter-weather appropriate. That is precisely what this Fashionista did on this chilly day.

The star of the outfit, the flowey, abstract patterned dress, is a perfect boho staple for transiting from season to season. Because it’s a lightweight material, it definitely would be ideal during the spring and summer. However, because of the dark hues in the dress, it’s perfect for layering with other pieces in the autumn and winter months.

While chatting with this Fashionista, she mentioned to me how crazy cold it is in Ohio where she goes to school. She told me one of her tricks to staying toasty in below freezing temperatures is layering tights under her leggings; a tip I’m definitely going to take advantage of this season. The black leggings worn under the dress provided the perfect backdrop for the rest of the outfit.

To kick up the warm factor another notch, this Fashionista opted for a pair of gray, thick, wool socks, which she wore underneath her casual combat boots. Combat boots are a perfect way to give a dress a more laidback feel and definitely a boho girl staple.

To finish off her ensemble, she wore a brown, leather cross-body bag and an artisan inspired, colorful statement necklace. The cross-body bag added to the casual flair of the outfit, while still giving off a polished appearance. The necklace screamed funky and laid-back the second I saw this Fashionista and provided the perfect icing on the boho cake.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just because a piece was designed for a certain season doesn’t mean it can’t be re-purposed for a different one.”