STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Why It's OK To Wear Black This Spring

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Why It's OK To Wear Black This Spring

At the same time it’s modest and arrogant and it’s easy, lazy and mysterious. It’s poetic and elegant but Anna Wintour hates it. It’s the color black and I’m writing on behalf of its right to stay in wardrobe during the warm upcoming seasons.

Judging by about 90 percent of my articles, some of us just like to keep things simple and timeless. As much as I love the pretty pastels, I just can’t help but resort to my darker pieces. So what does a Fashionista/o do when living in black all year round? The key is making sure to have a variety of textures and different fabrics. I also love to accessorize to control the level of casual/fancy. It is no wonder this Fashionisto naturally stood out to me in his hue-less attire.

This Fashionisto in his black T-shirt and dark skinny jeans instantly delivers a simple effortless look. His jacket is perfect for those chilly spring mornings but it is undoubtedly the shoes on this Fashionisto that steal the show. What AllSaints shoe doesn’t? A vintage inspired hand-made necklace to finish and it’s as simple as that!

Hey color lovers! You can keep your spring style intact while doing the black trend too simply by adding hints of darkness to your look. Whether it’s bags, shoes, jewelry, hair or nails what is a trend if you don’t make it your own, right?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If the French have taught us anything about style over the years, it is that black clothes look effortlessly cool and sophisticated, no matter whether you’re dressing up or down.”