April 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

The person that said that white pants could only be worn during the summer or spring, definitely didn’t know what they were talking about. White pants are a must in everyone’s closet. During the summer and spring, they add freshness to the look. During winter and fall, they bring something different to classic dark colors that everyone chooses to wear during this season.

Even though it is supposedly spring in Boston, the weather itself is not really keeping up with the seasons. We have finally reached positive temperatures, but the wind does not allow Bostonian students to fully enjoy it. However, despite this situation, this Fashionista decided she could not wait to bring out the white jeans from her closet.

This Fashionista did a great job matching her white jeans with a variety of different colors. First, given that it was a little bit chilly outside, she decided to put on a navy sweater as a base layer which was an easy match with white. For a top layer, she put on a a light gray jacket that gave off a biker feel because of the cut. For shoes, she decided that since she wasn’t going to be walking outside that much, she could invest in a pair of flats – comfy and very feminine. Last, but not least, to add a pop of color to the overall outfit, she decided to pick a beautiful red cross-body bag. This outfit is very easy to build and it can be worn to a variety of situations. It’s is simple but at the same time classy.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t follow trends. Sometimes it’s just about wearing what you feel like wearing”