STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: When Two Sides Collide

The winter season this year in San Diego is surprisingly much colder than everyone in the area could have thought. At one point last month, it was colder in the southern tip of California than it was on the east coast! With the unexpected climate, SoCal natives have taken it upon themselves to search deep into their closets to pull out whatever warm and cozy pieces they may have. This Fashionisto actually took inspiration from the folks up north and styled his outfit around an equally functional and stylish Patagonia vest.

In Northern California, the weather is often much colder than it is here. Thus, outfits are approached accordingly and you can find lots of layered looks. For this Fashionisto, he wore a popular brand as his statement piece and layered a San Diego appropriate short sleeve underneath. The two-toned vest really gave the ensemble character and he paired it nicely with darker denim and a spiffy pair of old-fashioned Nike tennis shoes. To keep the earth tones in the look stand out, he accessorized minimally. He also wore his favorite watch and cuffed the bottom of his jeans for a cleaner look.

So what happens when NorCal meets SoCal? This Fashionisto definitely provided a great example of how the styles of two cities can combine to make a unique outfit. Up north, the vest would probably have been worn over a couple of sweaters but since the weather here is far more forgiving, a simple shirt sufficed. Whether you are from California or not, you can pull inspirations from different cities in your area or state to create a one-of-a-kind look you’ll definitely start some conversations with.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to wear simple outfits with a couple statement pieces. With the colder weather here, I chose to wear this vest that I’d like to think stands out from other looks.”