We are all aware that styles come and go. Each season, we anxiously await new trends that the fashion world will undoubtedly unveil. This fall, there has been a bohemian revival with a hint of Western flare. The Western look is both edgy and fun. Leather, silver and denim are prominent western style staples that have made their presence known in fall look books this year.

How do I create a western inspired ensemble, you might ask? Well, the western look is surprisingly easy to achieve! Start with the basics. Any flare jeans will suffice when recreating this look. Signature pieces like leather boots, silver jewelry and a wide-brimmed hat will elevate your outfit. To add a little edge, opt for a graphic T-shirt! When selecting your T-shirt or blouse, try and stay away from bright colors or overwhelming designs. Stick with natural pops of color such as brown, tan, burnt orange and deep red. In this look, the graphic T-shirt is a beautiful oxblood hue. Oxblood is a signature color for fall!

Stay warm and stylish by throwing on a patterned poncho! You can make this look your own by pairing it with a fringe purse or leather cross-body. To add some authenticity to your outfit, consider wearing a pair of cowboy boots! Embrace the bohemian Western flare this fall!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A Western-inspired outfit is a great way to achieve a fun and casual look this fall while remaining on trend! Simply throw on a pair of flare jeans and a rust colored blouse and you’re on your way to the perfect fall ensemble.”