At some point in all of ours lives, we’ve all had our setbacks. The plaid epidemic is one of them, especially since it is forever coming back into our wardrobe. This year, plaid accents were must-have for those participating in the lumberjack-chic trend.

When analyzing the “plaid accent” trend, you will almost never see an assemble that’s too coordinated. Plaid accents are really starting to take over again. They can be found on a flannel pullover for warmth, tied around your waist for convenience, on the inside of your clothing or under the cuff of your sleeve. When pairing these plaid things with pieces in your closet, it’s best to keep it simple with a few clean lines and solid colors to really make those accents wow the crowd. Different textures of your clothing can really give an eye-catching element to the lumber look. There’s not only a pop of color but also a sort of comfy, casual attitude to it.

Here, this lumberjack-chic meets urban city-chic look does its job. You first have to take into account that “less is more” really does apply to the few elements that make this look work. Here, this Fashionisto wears a classy oxblood button-up shirt paired with some khaki pants, his suede black Clarks and let’s not forget his a thick olive green puffer vest, which finishes off this easy going/high comfort level outfit. With a touch of personal accents such as an edgy hairstyle and his leather bracelet, he really has the right idea when pairing all of his favorite trend pieces together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?  “Dressing well doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable. — And don’t be afraid to wear different things…or bracelets.”