STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Wearing Plaid And Feeling Rad

I don’t know about you, but I feel like plaid has made a major fashion impact this year. In fact, plaid shirts have pretty much replaced jackets in here in the Sunshine State. They are warm, cozy and surprisingly stylish when worn correctly. Sometimes it’s hard to judge the best ways to wear this rustic trend, but it’s definitely possible.

This Fashionista has done the (seemingly) impossible and feminized a plaid shirt! Plaid shirts have a bad habit of being shapeless and unflattering. This can cause an outfit to have a more masculine look, and not the cool kind. By pairing her comfy outerwear with a flowy dress, this Fashionista has managed to soften the overall look while still keeping things rustic and what I like to call “winter boho.”

Another great element this Fashionista included in her look were her ankle boots. Taller boots would have been too overpowering, and probably made her look like she was on her way to stomp some fruit instead of heading to class (although I’m sure the former would have been much more fun. Who’s ready for finals?) Shorter boots add just the right amount of sass and edge without taking away from her central pieces.

Also, look at those gold accents! This Fashionista chose to keep jewelry to a minimum, and I applaud her for it. A simple gold chain necklace not only looks amazing on her, but it ties the colors she’s chosen to wear together beautifully. One would think the cool colors of the blue and green plaid sweater would clash with the warmer tones of her burgundy dress and tan boots; However, this Fashionista obviously knows her color wheel well and has paired some subtle, complimentary colors together seamlessly.

Finally, I love the loose hair. A plaid shirt like this one is meant to be comfortable and relaxed. Save the headbands and up-dos for a tailored plaid skirt or blazer. This Fashionista is definitely one step ahead of the upcoming winter trends.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Weather in Florida is unpredictable, so you always want to wear something that can be worn in warmer and cooler temperatures. I think this shirt does that well. Plus, it’s super cute!”