To me, nothing speaks louder than a woman’s confidence. Her clothes, accessories and makeup may be on-point or on “fleek” as the kids say today, but what can ultimately make her appearance and presence is the way she carries herself.

This Fashionista is totally rocking both her casual, cute ensemble and Sasha Fierce level confidence, especially with the lyrics in her head, “We flawless, ladies tell ’em: I woke up like this, I woke up like this. WE FLAWLESS.” That’s for sure.

She sports a staple military green utility jacket and a light green statement necklace atop a black and white floral lace top. In addition, she wears cute black leather shorts, sheer tights, belted black leather booties and cinched-down black/heathered gray half-hose socks peeking out from within them.

Truly, this Fashionista’s look is somewhat simple, but it is effortlessly chic, nonetheless. Also, I still cannot get over how perfect the wind is blowing through her hair. Are you receiving some music video and Herbal Essences commercial flashbacks from a decade ago, or is it just me?

This Fashionista would totally ace the Herbal Essences hair flip audition, for real.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “OWN IT. Wake up knowing you are going to straight up kill it today, no matter what. If that is not very instinctual, listen to some good upbeat, motivational music to hype you up throughout the day! Might I suggest some Beyoncé or maybe even throwing it all the way back to Destiny’s Child?”