It has become that awkward period between seasons when the weather hasn’t warmed up enough for flip flops but all of the boots that are crowding your closet right now aren’t going to work either. The perfect solution: invest in an amazing pair of Vans. No matter where you wear these, they are always going to work with your outfit and look so good.

This Fashionista is pulling this off during these winter/spring days and making her look casual and fun. Her military style jacket, which is another favorite trend of mine, really plays up the colors in her Vans. The bold floral print does a great job sprucing up the outfit. Take a note from this Fashionista and go with patterned Vans, a bright color or just go back to basics that go well with any outfit.

These shoes are becoming so popular you can find them everywhere. Stores like Urban Outfitters have been stocking their shelves for months with these bad boys. Although usually worn with more layered clothing in spring time, they are incredibly versatile. You can rock these even in the summer months with a cute pair of high-waisted shorts or a flowing dress and in the fall, wear them with a cute sweater or two. They also are super comfortable and can transition from running to class to running errand, to going out on a hot date.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Jeans and sweaters usually are my everyday outfits; they go with every season!”