Alright Fashionsta/os, we are approaching the finish line of the spring semester, in other words “may the odds be in your favor.” With this end comes the importance of possessing good time management skills. What better way to save time and not stress your brain as much than to pair your basic essentials?

This Fashionista made the idea of wearing basic essentials seem fashion-forward and effortless. Doing so by throwing on a denim button-down and using this item as the staple piece of her outfit.

By using the simple trick of wearing denim at the top of your outfit versus the bottom you can easily complement the rest of it a like this Fashionista. Not only does this make it easier for you when deciding what to wear, it also twists your denim around so it increases your comfortability while trekking campus, taking an exam or last minute studying in the library.

What I liked most about this outfit is not the casualness, but the technique. She can easily make simple changes to the outfit to attend another event. While wearing the denim as her base she complements it by wearing gray leggings. I love this because if you think about it, she basically flipped her outfit upside down. Think of the leggings as a basic T-shirt and her button-down as jeans. I thought this was a cute and fun twist to denim. She also didn’t go over board with add-ons. With the right amount accessories this Fashionista created the perfect outfit. Wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses, pearl earrings and a pink scarf used as a head wrap she created an on the go Southern Bell look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear a denim top, it will make a not so dressy look, appeal on the dressier side and save you time finding an outfit.”