Hello, Fashionistas/os! Springtime is kicking in full gear and the trees are beginning to bloom. With that in mind, it seems as if spring cleanings will soon commence and we will all be exchanging heavy coats for brighter and lighter clothes. With such gorgeous hues this season, what better way to wear them out than to combine your pieces in a triadic color harmony! A trio of colors can make your outfit truly make a walking statement around campus.

This triadic color harmony is perfect for different styles, fit for any style of your choice. The key goal is to choose a color, and pick the other two colors in a “triangle” view on the color wheel. The harmony can allow even the safest of Fashionistas try something a little out of their comfort zone. It’s a great choice, especially for spring!

So how does this translate into your wardrobe? This Fashionista reveals how easy it is to incorporate the color harmony. She uses the triad of yellow, red and blue for her outfit. She pairs her mustard yellow skinnys with a lacy blue top and a bright red belt at her waistline. To neutralize the brightness, she pairs her outfit with tan booties with brassy accents. The triad is definitely a popular choice. It can be of different hues if you want to opt for a subtler triad, or if you want to skip the safe zone, you can try other triads, either combined in a spring time dress or accessorized to your outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Never be afraid of color. You never know, two colors could be great, but three colors can accompany the season.”