With the school year ending and the weather warming up, we all have something to be happy about. This Fashionista celebrates in style, with bright colors that show off her mood. The bright colors and bold pattern of her tribal skirt are sure to get her noticed!

This Fashionista paired her tribal skirt with a top that brought out the peach in her skirt. The white denim jacket is a perfect layering piece and an essential item in a springtime wardrobe. Her white canvas shoes and simple gold jewelry complement the boldness of the tribal skirt. She tops off this look with her go-to pair of sunglasses, and she is all set for a spring day around town.

With so many patterns and colors, everyone can make tribal print unique to their own style! Choose colors or patterns that appeal to you and balance your look with simple pieces that don’t overpower the tribal print. Tribal print is very wearable if styled right with toned-down accessories.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like my outfits to be comfortable, but also make a statement. I like this skirt because of the bold pattern, and it is something different from what I normally wear. I have a classic and girly personal style, so I incorporated simpler pieces to let the skirt be the focal point of the outfit. Step out of your comfort zone and try pieces that you wouldn’t normally wear. Style them with your wardrobe staples that make you feel confident and show off your personal style.”