STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Transitioning Summer Pieces Into Fall

September 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

Transitioning summer pieces into the early fall months can be problematic. Some days it’s humid and sticky while others bring about a biting chill. While you might be tempted to pull out your favorite cozy sweater at the first sign of a new calendar date, the weather does not always coincide. Since September is typically the warmest month of the season you need to dress appropriately while slowly beginning to ease into the new season. This is good news! You still have a chance to flaunt any awesome summer pieces you picked up. There are just a few tips to make your outfit show exactly how masterful you are of this tricky time.

This featured outfit does exactly that. It may look like a typical summery, floaty dress but the dark colored pattern gets it more face time in the fall. The material is still light to keep you cool during the day but at the same time also edgy enough to hint at the impending dramatic style shift ahead. And since it’s still too soon to break out riding boots (my favorite accessory) this Fashionista compromises with dark booties. Find a dress in your own closet with toned down colors and pair it with shorter boots to achieve a similar look.

This Fashionista says, “As fall approaches and my daily pieces begin to get darker, I like to experiment with a darker lip to match. Sometimes the best accessory is bold makeup!” Accessories don’t always have to be a bag or belt. Instead, try a fun makeup trend to finish off your look!