STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Total Fraternity Move

Initiation season is afoot in the Greek community. Everywhere you look, the soon to be initiates are dressed in their Greek best—you can’t throw a stone on campus without hitting a pair of boat shoes. Easter egg colors are abundant in polo shirts, sorority tees and solid-toned dresses.

This Fashionisto has gone standard fraternity casual, which is to say, markedly more formal than sorority-casual. His khaki club shorts aren’t quite the salmon that fraternity men nationwide have become famous for, but they’re definitely a lot more versatile and easier to pair with patterned and colored shirts. His Spotfin plaid harbor shirt is a great way to relax or dress up an outfit based on how you want to present yourself. Meeting with the professor? Tuck it in. Catching lunch with your bros? Leave it untucked. His standard boat shoes are full brown leather, eschewing multi-tonal trends to remain classic.

His accessories are quintessential Texas fraternity boy. This Fashionisto’s baseball cap serves the dual purpose of style and function, adding an extra touch to his outfit while hiding his shaved head – special courtesy of fraternity philanthropy events. The last touch, a Texas-print belt, is a crucial part of this Fashionisto’s style. After all, what’s a Texan without visible Texan pride?

In true college style, he bought the entire outfit (excluding shoes) from Vineyard Vines.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I know you want to be adventurous, but let’s not get cocky. Prints on prints are not where you want to be right now. Stick with one printed item, one solid and simple accessories.”